Wake Up Sid

~ Radha Venkatraman ’12

Well I think after watching this movie, whether Sid has woken up or not, I can guarantee that you the viewer definitely would not have slept through this performance. Ranbir Kapoor (Sid) is a spoilt rich kid who is studying in a college in Mumbai. He enjoys life to the tee and in doing so ends up failing his final examination. Konkana SenSharma (Aisha) is a girl who has come down from Calcutta, to fulfill her dreams in the land of opportunity, that is the city of Mumbai. She is the new friend Sid meets, who helps him realize who he truly is and helps him make the transition from a boy to a man. The movie is crisp and intelligent in its presentation, and helps us relate to the situations, the various characters are experiencing. The film has been directed by first time director Ayaan Mukherji, who is a thinking man’s director. The music is by Shankar Ehsaan and Loy who once again have done a great job with the film’s soundtrack. Coco and Ranbir, who have been paired for the first time have given outstanding performances. All in all, this Dharma Production is a must watch and definitely makes you wake up and smell the coffee.

Jay Sean is Everywhere!

~ Reetu Bajaj ’12

From Lil Wayne, to Justin Timberlake, and even Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Sean is becoming a huge sensation here in the United States. His success story continues to go out in fairy-tale fashion. In a matter of months, which is rare in the music industry, his single and video for “Down” featuring popular rapper Lil Wayne topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart recently and its popularity continues to spread. He has also recently worked with Birdman in ‘Written on Her’ and Sean Paul and Lil John with ‘Do You Remember’. Sean has also been invited to perform at Justin Timberlake’s charity concert ‘Justin and Friends’ in Vegas, which includes many other famous artists such as Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift.

Jay Sean

Jay Sean, born and raised in Hounslow, west London, started off in a group called Compulsive Disorder, a punk-rap group. Soon, however, Sean  emerged himself into R&B and was discovered thanks to inspirational U.K. super producer Rishi Rich. He began to fuse ‘Desi’ rhythms with a  credible R&B feeling to create a comprehensively authentic sound. Now that he has made his way to the states, some say, however, that he has lost his Punjabi roots. He has been promoting his music through the Indian community, as shown in the popular show: AVS: Asian Variety Show. Nonetheless, his fans, me being one of them, have high hopes for this handsome and talented R&B sensation. Jay Sean’s U.S. debut album, All or Nothing, is set to drop on November 24.

Image: Courtesy Google Images