October 2010

Hello all! Sowmya and I, the new co-editors, will like to welcome you to the new year of South Asian Chaat! Fresh from summer and already immersed with homework and exams, we jumped right into beginning our new year with fresh ideas and new members to our staff of writers.

In our reviews section, we see that our summer was not only spent working, but also enjoying what Bollywood Cinema has to offer. Check out the review for Aisha, a stress-busting movie based on Jane Austen’s novel ‘Emma.’ Another movie that was filled with hype but turned out a bust was Rakesh Roshan’s Kites – loaded with action packed scenes and a talented cast, but overall didn’t meet audiences’ expectations. And speaking of Bollywood movies, ever wonder what’s up with the whole new ‘modern’ style of Indian dancing? Writer Anita Kilambi has her own opinions of the commercialized Bollywood dance and how the grace and beauty of classical dancing has vanished from cinema. Along the lines of dancing and culture, take a look at one of our writers’ own photographs of a Pakistan wedding! We even have captures taken from the Muslim Student Association dinners and an Indian festival that occurred in Philadelphia.

Under ‘Spotlight,’ read about a Bryn Mawr student’s first time experience over the summer in Calcutta. For ten weeks, she interned at a hospital and school in the small district of Jharkand state. Read on as she shares what the village had to offer. Also in ‘Spotlight,’ learn about the pros and cons of the Delhi Commonwealth Games – although anticipation and excitement filled the air, issues of corruption and shootings created an environment which caused many to wonder why did Delhi decide to host these Games?

Hungry for more news? Check out the ratings for Ekta, an Indian restaurant that opened up near Bryn Mawr College. With a menu filled with delicious vegetarian and non-veg dishes, your mouths will water and better yet, they deliver (if you’re nearby in the area, of course)! And as you indulge in thoughts of spices and sweets, read ‘checked by mate,’ a descriptive poem by Yena Sharma Purmasir.

Hopefully you could also take some time off in your lives and attend Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy Menon’s duo performance of Bharatanatyam and South Asian Women’s Eid/Diwali Celebration! For more details, check under the ‘Events’ section.

Well, seems like quite a packed issue. We hope you get all cozy and comfortable during this cold and wet fall weather and enjoy reading what all our writers have to offer. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or are interested in writing for South Asian Chaat, feel free to contact at or

Happy Reading!

-Reetu & Sowmya