Dostana – A Test of Friendship Hailed “Hilariously Funny” by Audiences

~ Reetu Bajaj ’12

Directed by Tarun Manshukhani, Dostana has a fun-filled cast starring Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra. Taking place mainly in Miami, Sam (Abhishek) and Kunal (John) are bachelors who always keep bumping into each other by coincidence while looking for a place to rent. Soon enough, they come across a costly apartment with two spare rooms, but the landlady’s gorgeous niece, Neha, already lives there. She is not so sure in allowing these two handsome young men ‘corrupting’ her young hot niece. Thus, Sam and Kunal pretend to be gay in order to secure the apartment, and eventually the trio becomes best friends. Problems arise when both Sam and Kunal fall in love with Neha. Neha also begins to take interest, but in her boss, Abhimanyu (Bobby Deol). This comedic love story is filled with memorable scenes between Abhishek and John. With a shocking climax, stylish characters, and catchy music, Dostana is a must watch movie!