Wandering Taste Buds

Giving you the hoot on local South Asian eats
-Bhakthi Sahgal, BMC ’13

For those of looking for a gooood food coma, try walking a few blocks down Lancaster Avenue. My fellow South Asians and food lovers: you have permission to rejoice now, as not one, but two new Indian restaurants have opened up in our vicinity! One of them, which I’ll be reviewing today, is the elegant Ekta Indian Cuisine which has opened up its second location here in Bryn Mawr to spread its lovin’ across the city from the original Fish Town location. I am guilty of having eaten here many times, and occasionally grabbing a second dinner when walking by.

If you decide to ditch campus food for a night, be prepared for your taste buds to tingle in a ways they haven’t in a while (or since the first day of classes). Though the menu only spans one page, there are a lot of options. Besides the list of main course, be sure to appreciate the handsome selection of breads with which to satisfy your hunger. Also welcome the friendly staff. Both vegetarians and those in rather carnivorous moods will be well taken care of here. Some of my personal favorites include the interesting Samosa Chaat as a starter, and the spicy Kadai Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala. Be bold and try all the sauces-green chili, tamarind, and mango to name a few.

The restaurant’s tagline is “The Unity of Indian Spices,” which is true on many different fronts. Somehow everything comes together to produce a very happy hum-whether we’re talking about the food or the atmosphere. You find yourself eating spirited traditional Indian course surrounded by old world sconces and elaborate murals reminiscent of small European towns. Might this be a play on history?

However you decide to answer that question, here is the scoop:

3 Hoots for Ekta!

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