-Radha Venkatraman, BMC ’12

Based on Jane Austen’s novel ‘Emma’, Aisha is the story of a young Delhi socialite, who enjoys matching couples together, whether in reality they do make a good pair or not. Her idea of making a difference in the world is bringing couples who are in love together, and giving makeovers to those whom she feels do not dress, look, or behave the way she does. The only steady force in her life is her childhood friend, Arjun played by Abhay Deaol. He tries hard to help Aisha, played by Sonam Kapoor, find reason in everything that she does. Pinky Bose (played by Ira Dubey), who is her best friend in the film and Shefali Thakur (played by Amrita Puri), both represent women of today who like Aisha are confused, but through the movie realize who they are and what they want. It is only when Aisha distances herself from all her loved ones, does she realize where she is going wrong. Directed by Rajshree Ojha, and supported by a fabulous cast that contains the likes of Abhay Deol and Cyrus Sahukar; Aisha has great music and is India’s answer to a chick flick. Fashion and Style seem to be central to every character, but the movie does draw similarities to American chick flicks like Clueless. All in all, a fun film for the youth to watch.  If you do have some time free and want to relax, Aisha is a great stress buster.

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