India Bomb Blasts

Five Killed & Eighty Injured in India Bomb blasts

Reetu Bajaj’12

On Monday, September 29th, five people were killed and eighty others were injured in two suspected bomb attacks in areas of western India.

A powerful blast at a hotel near a mosque in the town of Malegoan in Maharashtra state, four people died and at least seventy others were hurt. An uprising soon broke out after the blast, causing more injuries, and police had to resort to firing in the air to control the enraged crowd. Also, in the neighboring state of Gujarat, another rough bomb attack hit a major Muslim part of the town Modasa, where many Muslims were breaking their Ramadan fast. A fifteen-year-old Muslim boy was killed and ten were wounded. Gujarat’s Home Minister Amit Shah told Indian media that “There was a motorcycle carrying an explosive. We are reviewing security arrangements.”

An important evidential fact in regards to the bomb blasts is that both explosives appeared to target Muslim areas. Several major Indian cities such as Bangalore, Jaipur, and New Delhi, have been hit by several bombings since May. To avoid fear and ensure safety, investigations have become more intense and security has certainly increased.

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